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tell the stories that matter

Storyboard provides free documentary filmmaking and photojournalism programs to low income students in LA and NY.


Clinton Global Initiative Recognizes Swarthmore Students for Social Change Efforts


"Empowering underrepresented youth to share their own stories"

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Fighting income and education inequality

one story at a time

^ Documentary of our 2018 program


Many underfunded schools in low income communities do not prepare students for academic, professional, and personal success. Every high school graduate should know how to:

  • Work effectively in a team

  • Manage their time

  • Plan for the future

  • Reflect and grow from past mistakes

  • Think critically

Test-oriented education doesn't teach any of those skills. Project-based learning does.

Storyboard uses the power of project based learning to set low income students up for success. By teaching them valuable digital storytelling skills, students not only gain a technical education worth thousands, but also develop the self confidence to be bold and dream big.

Unlike other filmmaking programs, Storyboard:

  • teaches documentary filmmaking and photography, giving students the tools to directly tell their stories. 

  • partners with organizations and schools to run programs that are free and accessible for the students who need them most.

Get to know us


Rebecca Castillo

Rebecca was born in Los Angeles and recently graduated from Swarthmore College, where she designed a special major in Education, Race, & Media Studies. Rebecca co-founded Storyboard in 2017 after she interned for the LA Times and discovered her passion for storytelling for social change. Her other interests include digital media, access to education, social entrepreneurship, and innovation. Rebecca is currently pursuing a Master's degree at USC Marshall School of Business.


Ariana Hoshino

Ariana is a producer and cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA, where she serves as Project Manager and Mentor for Storyboard LA. She has over nine years of experience in documentary and narrative film production and is currently working as a production coordinator on commercial sets (smartwater, GQ) and a freelance editor.

Isabelle Titcomb_edited.jpg

Isabelle Titcomb

Isabelle (Swarthmore College ‘22) is a double major in Film & Media Studies and History from Holden, MA. She is a published writer and photographer with special interest in editing and cinematography.

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