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About Storyboard


Storyboard was founded by Rebecca Castillo, Ariana Hoshino, and Tiye Pulley in 2017. Funded by the Project Pericles grant at Swarthmore College Lang Center of Civic and Social Responsibility, Storyboard offers affordable programs to underserved youth in urban areas. Throughout these programs, students will learn how to use photography, filmmaking, writing, and graphic design to share their stories and impact their communities by highlight important social justice issues. Field trips, guest speakers, and highly experienced instructors provide students with an unparalleled digital media education that prepares them to enter professional environments in a fun, interactive setting.

Arts education fosters creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration, skills needed to compete in a twenty-first century workforce. Studies affirm students who participate in the arts “develop the ability to innovate, communicate, and collaborate. Arts education in schools increases test scores across every subject area, lowers dropout rates and helps close the achievement gap regardless of socioeconomic status.” (California Alliance for Arts Education)

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