Meet the team

Rebecca Castillo

Rebecca Castillo was born in Los Angeles and currently attends Swarthmore College, where she has designed a special major in Education, Race, & Media. She worked for the Los Angeles Times in 2016, the summer after she graduated from high school. Her work there inspired Storyboard, and she’s very excited for the future of this project.

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Ariana Hoshino

Ariana is a producer and cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA, where she serves as Project Manager and Mentor for Storyboard LA. She has over nine years of experience in documentary and narrative film production and is currently working as a production coordinator on commercial sets (smartwater, GQ) and a freelance editor.

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Isabelle Titcomb

Isabelle (Swarthmore College ‘22) is a double major in Film & Media Studies and History from Holden, MA. She is a published writer and photographer with special interest in editing and cinematography. Her interest in Storyboard stems from her teaching experiences and love of filmmaking.