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The Lack of Vocalization of Mental Health Issues Amongst Adults

by Sylvia Lopez

Mental health is an important topic because of the many different stigmas surrounding it, specifically within adults. These stigmas include hurtful and judgemental thoughts. Many believe that adults struggling with mental health are “crazy” or “odd.” They are often seen as wrong and not normal instead of simply being accepted and supported for who they are. In addition to this being an important topic because of its stigmas, it is also very important to me, personally, because I have seen issues and stigmas affect my own family members. My mother, sisters, aunt, and cousins have poor mental health and are increasingly struggling due to choices not to vocalize their experiences. As a result of their own lack of vocalization and exposure, the people who they interact with on a day to day basis, have no understanding of their experiences or ways to help them. With my images I hope to remove these stigmas and create space for adults to speak freely about their emotions.

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