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Should schools provide students with transportation?

by LeeAnne Harrison

My area of focus is whether or not schools should be responsible for covering the cost of transportation for students. This topic is important to me because my high school refuses to transport me to South Gate from Boyle Heights. This means I have to put money on my tap card throughout the school year. It is totally unfair that I have to use my own money for this when I could be using that money for things I need like school supplies or a new book. My school currently transports students from Compton and South Central to South Gate because there are more students that go to our school from those cities. It’s fully unfair that the school only will transports those students and not me. My school doesn’t understand how early I have to get up and leave my house in order to arrive on time. I want my images help inform the community and LAUSD That the school isn’t treating everyone fairly. I hope to use these photos to help make it a requirement for all schools to transport anyone that lives far away from their school.

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