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Coleaderos: a Part of Mexican Cultural Identity

by Anissa Murillo

The traditional coleaderos (‘tail pullers’) were brought from Mexico to the United States and have continued throughout many generations. Coleaderos are important to me because they are a part of both my family and cultural history. They happen frequently in Riverside, California. Many people don’t hear about these traditional events because they are overshadowed by Americanized versions such as PBR (Professional Bull Riding). A common scene involving a coleadero consists of a man riding a horse and trying to knock down a bull by wrapping its tail around its legs. If they knock down the bulls they are awarded a sash, but if they do not knock down the bull they are allowed to try again. This topic is important to me because coleaderos are apart my cultural identity. I want more women to be involved and aware of traditional rodeos instead of Caucasian rodeos.

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