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The Experience of an Immigrant Student in the U.S.

by Jackie Arellano

Parents would give up everything for their kids to have a better education and future, even if it means moving to a new country and starting over, but what happens when their kids get discriminated against because of the color of their skin or country of origin? In addition to discrimination, these students are also not getting the education they deserve to have. Kids’ chances of a bright future have decreased because of how difficult DACA has become. Not only is it harder to get a good education, but it is just as difficult to get a job. Immigrant students are usually unable to work and pay thousands more in college tuition and fees because of their status. In some of the worst cases, students are even sent back to their country. With my images, I want people to know about these struggles and that they can help; being kind to those who may be going through a tough time, standing up for these students as allies, and ensuring their voices heard are just some starting points. Most importantly though I want to stop discrimination.

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