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No Human is Illegal

Every year many people have to face marginalization because they have a different identity than the average person, it is a social exclusion that treats an individual as insignificant. It differs from the workplace, a friend group, race, and even gender. The process of marginalization keeps someone in a powerless position and isolates them in many ways, as a result, individuals are denied access and lack meaningful participation. Immigrants are an example of the marginalized, they are put in a lower social standing and are wrongfully treated because of their ethnicity. Most of the time this is caused because of low income or physically and mentally challenged people. For example, in the workplace, people are denied professional opportunities because of their race, gender (etc.) prior to their workability. It is important to be an ally towards the marginalized people because most of the time we don't take into perspective their struggles and life experience. Therefore everybody deserves to be treated as a human being, with the appreciation of how they are portrayed and not judged based on indifferences or identity.

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